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Back in 1897, the New York State Association of Retail Bakers was founded on the principle that "Friendships created in social gatherings and festivities will crystallize themselves into bonds of permanency and thereby contribute to the welfare of the Baking Industry." For over 125 years, our association has functioned and flourished under this credo. At least once a month, we gather to see old friends and new associates, discuss trends within the baking industry and explore ways to enhance the service and products we provide to the public.

    Over the past 100 plus years we have come together through good times and bad; through two World Wars, the Great Depression, the sugar crisis of the 1970's, and other innumerable other catastrophes in American history that have impacted our industry and might have threatened the survival of a less committed trade association.

    As we enter our second century of existence, the New York State Association of Retail Bakers remains a stronger and more diverse group than it has been in many years. We are comprised of dedicated men and woman who wake each morning to bake cakes, breads, bagels, donuts, pastries and an ever-increasing array of specialty items. What unites us is a simple but very important goal: To produce high quality baked goods, seek new and innovative ways to market them and continually improve our level of customer service. We are at the same time committed to supporting the communities in which we live and operate. This, the love of what we do , is what has kept our association active and vital for well over 100 years.


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New York State Bakers is a Professional Trade Association

Open only to- Active retail bakers, which includes full line retail shops, cupcakes shops, licensed at home bakers, cookies shops, and bagel stores owners.

Allied tradespersons including sales persons and management. And retired bakers

This group is not open to the General Public